The Walk of Life

Hello beloved readers. Finally the weekend arrived. For me unfortunately, still not the suitable one to get my camera out and about. Work sometimes prolongs to out-of-hours duties. But I shouldn't complain since I got to do what I always wanted: Anesthesiology. Finally that dream became something real. If by today I didn't manage to land this old dream of mine, I swear, I would've tried something else. At least that's what I told myself always. Apart from Anaesthetics and putting patients to sleep, if I could choose something that would fulfill my inner soul, that would be becoming a Travel Photographer. What would be a better combo than travelling and taking photos while getting paid? Ok ok, the paid part wouldn't be that straightforward as a boring 9-5 job. Nothing is perfect. Well, for now I will keep my 7-4 not boring job and sweep my other dream under the rug. At least concerning the professional aspect of life. In regards to my "right-brain-side-of-life", me and Photography will always walk hand in hand.