That warm feeling

Hello beloved readers. The warm weather just arrived! For me, that means getting out with my camera on that bare naked nights, meaning moonless and cloudless sky. This time of the year also means that the Milky Way will be visible most part of the night in the Northern Hemisphere. A double bonus! Astrophotography just fascinates me. There is something special when you include our own Galaxy or the night sky with a couple of stars in a landscape shot. Well, if you are as fascinated as me for this genre and would also want to try on your own, remember, you need a Camera with good ISO capabilities, a relative fast and wide lens (16mm till 35mm f/2.8  would suffice), a sturdy tripod, a warm blanket and lots of patience! I always dreamed of a shot encompassing the whole Milky Way, unfortunately didn't have the time and resources until these days. My first try of a "Astro" shot was last Winter. The location was not the best as I was surrounded by trees and light pollution, and as you can imagine was freezing cold and the majority of the Milky Way just under the horizon. All I got was this! Hope you enjoy.