Update 2.0

Hello beloved readers, it has been a long time since I didn't write or update my webpage, I mean, not even one single photo! I have been quite lazy lately, or busy with other projects.. Well, work to be more precise. Also, didn't have the time to take my cam regularly for a stroll, hence the hiatus. Since this absence on the field, I have taken some time to feed myself with info from the Photography World. I admire constantly the work of Street Photographers, since I think this genre is the purest of all. Simple setup, no gimmicks, all candid, click! An ordinary moment made ethereal. Difficult since you don't have the time to stage what you want to compose. There are a lot who make a living out of Street, which I have to say it is a genre that doesn't seem to bring any commercial value for the Editorial sharks, hence my true admiration for the ones who embrace this genre truly. One that I admire most is Gabi Ben Avrahahm, go check him out! I will leave you with a panning shot taken last month, in one of my rarest walks with a camera around.