First of many

So, finally I have a website running with photos taken over these couple of years. This was something I had in mind since I began enjoying more and more this journey through the world of visual arts, namely Photography, and wanting to keep a decent Portfolio and also to showcase my work. I never wished before as I wish now, to become somewhat of a professional photographer. Kid you not, I'm not one and although that "adult-childhood" dream is stuck to me, I don't intend to, at least not during these hectic times. I have to worry with my career in the medical field  in order to feed this hobby of mine. You see, the two nowadays run quite together and I quite like the fact that I can do Photography as a hobby and not as an obligation. When i'm not inspired to go out and shoot, I just don't go. Photography for me gains higher ground in the world of Arts, since every still evokes some kind of memory that was lost in time, but since it is a still, it also evokes eternity, you just need to look at it again, and it will never be lost. To this post, I attached some photos on the "Work" section and hope to attach more in the near future. I guess this will be the first of many.