A Deeper Understanding

Back from the Hiatus. Don't even know exactly why I came out and had the urge to be productive. Actually I know. My brain processes my thoughts too slow in relation to how fast they come. I wanted to put pen to paper. With less time to go out and venture to shoot some Street, I find myself more often than not appreciating the work of others. Internet, that amazing tool that brings to your doorsteps the work of creative souls. Sadly, most of us use and abuse the perks of having this technology at the palm of our hands. It was intended to connect people, globalize our world, make it a small village. But its greater power is to throw us people apart from each other. Strange duality uh? Quid pro quo. We are more alone than ever. Urban solitude at its grandeur. It's just too much even for our automated brain designed to (mal)function on this digital, contactless world we live in. Try commuting in London once. No eye contact, heads held low staring a high res, colourful 2D utopian world (or so we are made to believe). George Orwell anticipated this dystopian world on "1984". It amazes me the ambivalence we have towards this wi-fi state of mind. We didn't need it but wanted it. Now deep inside we don't want it but need it. Not even Orwell's characters were so dual about it. We are the nova era of stockholm syndrome bearers. We are living in the space between the admirable and the ugly. We type more, we speak less. It scares me that most of us automated bots don't have an override button, a back door which usually solves the mystery surrounding that sunday afternoon movie. Like a car lacking his shock absorbers, so were we originally designed to feel everything in its raw state. No middle man. Today, that task is almost made impossible but no matter how much we try and digitize ourselves, we, the inbetweeners, will always search for that pure old cathartic moment that will daze us in a random tuesday afternoon. The ultimate painkiller to take us through the day. Funny though (ask any computer geek), even in the digital age, the best and more stable connection is always the cable one, not the wireless. The physicality of things cannot be surpassed. We crave for that hug, we long for that look, that recognisable soft scent from your loved one that hovers on the living room makes everything much more bearable. That song with a magnificent guitar solo, with an inauspicious arrangement of reverb and electric piano that makes one weak in the knees. That photo which teleports you to a world hand-made by midas where you can imagine a thousand stories for the main subject and all of them have a happy ending. Hear that americana style song made to be heard outdoors under a fabulous sky and you can be whatever you want. Or take a look at one of Erica Snyder's cinematic style shots and you will know this text makes sense. At least to me.

Written whilst listening to: Strangest Thing - The War on Drugs

Written whilst listening to: Strangest Thing - The War on Drugs



Life on the fast track.

Hello beloved readers. After 6 months working, I finally got my first holidays! I actually have to say that time flew by so fast. I was longing for holidays, sure, but I have to admit that I am actually having fun at work and doing exactly what I had in mind when I finished med school. That high hope utopia that medicine is the best thing ever.. Vanished few years ago after finishing my undergraduate studies and was found again this year as I started my Specialty. They say for one to find a job that he truly loves, and one will never have to work a single day in his life! True to that. For these six months that went flying like a single pendulum swing, I attach a photo which portrays movement in the best sense concerning photography. Enjoy your summer.

The Walk of Life

Hello beloved readers. Finally the weekend arrived. For me unfortunately, still not the suitable one to get my camera out and about. Work sometimes prolongs to out-of-hours duties. But I shouldn't complain since I got to do what I always wanted: Anesthesiology. Finally that dream became something real. If by today I didn't manage to land this old dream of mine, I swear, I would've tried something else. At least that's what I told myself always. Apart from Anaesthetics and putting patients to sleep, if I could choose something that would fulfill my inner soul, that would be becoming a Travel Photographer. What would be a better combo than travelling and taking photos while getting paid? Ok ok, the paid part wouldn't be that straightforward as a boring 9-5 job. Nothing is perfect. Well, for now I will keep my 7-4 not boring job and sweep my other dream under the rug. At least concerning the professional aspect of life. In regards to my "right-brain-side-of-life", me and Photography will always walk hand in hand.

That warm feeling

Hello beloved readers. The warm weather just arrived! For me, that means getting out with my camera on that bare naked nights, meaning moonless and cloudless sky. This time of the year also means that the Milky Way will be visible most part of the night in the Northern Hemisphere. A double bonus! Astrophotography just fascinates me. There is something special when you include our own Galaxy or the night sky with a couple of stars in a landscape shot. Well, if you are as fascinated as me for this genre and would also want to try on your own, remember, you need a Camera with good ISO capabilities, a relative fast and wide lens (16mm till 35mm f/2.8  would suffice), a sturdy tripod, a warm blanket and lots of patience! I always dreamed of a shot encompassing the whole Milky Way, unfortunately didn't have the time and resources until these days. My first try of a "Astro" shot was last Winter. The location was not the best as I was surrounded by trees and light pollution, and as you can imagine was freezing cold and the majority of the Milky Way just under the horizon. All I got was this! Hope you enjoy.

Update 2.0

Hello beloved readers, it has been a long time since I didn't write or update my webpage, I mean, not even one single photo! I have been quite lazy lately, or busy with other projects.. Well, work to be more precise. Also, didn't have the time to take my cam regularly for a stroll, hence the hiatus. Since this absence on the field, I have taken some time to feed myself with info from the Photography World. I admire constantly the work of Street Photographers, since I think this genre is the purest of all. Simple setup, no gimmicks, all candid, click! An ordinary moment made ethereal. Difficult since you don't have the time to stage what you want to compose. There are a lot who make a living out of Street, which I have to say it is a genre that doesn't seem to bring any commercial value for the Editorial sharks, hence my true admiration for the ones who embrace this genre truly. One that I admire most is Gabi Ben Avrahahm, go check him out! I will leave you with a panning shot taken last month, in one of my rarest walks with a camera around.

First of many

So, finally I have a website running with photos taken over these couple of years. This was something I had in mind since I began enjoying more and more this journey through the world of visual arts, namely Photography, and wanting to keep a decent Portfolio and also to showcase my work. I never wished before as I wish now, to become somewhat of a professional photographer. Kid you not, I'm not one and although that "adult-childhood" dream is stuck to me, I don't intend to, at least not during these hectic times. I have to worry with my career in the medical field  in order to feed this hobby of mine. You see, the two nowadays run quite together and I quite like the fact that I can do Photography as a hobby and not as an obligation. When i'm not inspired to go out and shoot, I just don't go. Photography for me gains higher ground in the world of Arts, since every still evokes some kind of memory that was lost in time, but since it is a still, it also evokes eternity, you just need to look at it again, and it will never be lost. To this post, I attached some photos on the "Work" section and hope to attach more in the near future. I guess this will be the first of many.